viernes, 23 de octubre de 2009

Growing as a Blogger

Well, after a month of posting, it’s time to reflex about our work. Specially mine. My biggest hope is that you, reader, have learnt a lot about the Egyptian culture, but anyway, I’ve learnt a lot, not just about the topic.

1.- I’ve got into the blogsphere, and nowadays, that’s very important. It seems that you don’t exist if your name is not on the internet.

2.- Apart from things that my mates have written, I’ve learnt a lot from my own sources. I had no idea that music scales were so ancient, and nowadays still exist and are used, so it’s so relevant that I got shocked.

3.- The interview showed me that it’s nothing what investigator have discovered about Egypt comparing it with what’s left to discover. Egypt is a mysterious civilization, and I hope that some important discoveries will be done soon.

4.- I’ve learnt many things about blogs. How do they work, how to manage them, how important the blog phenomenon is…

5.- The URLs are so important in the internet, and that’s something that I also have learnt with this blog. How the links work, how to use them, how many sites you can visit by using links…

6.- I’ve also learnt how to work on group. Although each one of us have done our posts individually, we’ve helped each other with advises or instructions.

7.- It’s very important to know that, after the era of books, of press and the media, the new source for excellence is the internet. And inside it, blogs are getting more and more importance.

8.- Apart from how to use the blog, I already know how to use most of its applications: the blogroll, the URLs, videos and photos are not a mystery for me. At least they’re less mysterious than Egypt!

9.- After I nearly lost my post just before posting it, I learnt (Thanks to Raquel) that there’s a place in which all the stories are saved even before you post them. This demonstrates that the 8th point is not completely true.

10.- And finally I’ve discovered that it’s so entertaining to write a story every week, even if nobody’s going to read it.

I promise that when I’ll have some time (when I have nor exams or essays to do) I’ll do a good blog by myself, including all my interests and giving to it the best appearance as possible.

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