martes, 13 de octubre de 2009

Multimedia Specials

Today, I'll analize a multimedia special. It's been hard to find one related to our topic, but with the help of Raquel, I've found one. It's an article of the New York Times, taken from its home page:
The article is preceded by a photo of the mountains in which the temple is being restored. Then, while you're reading the article, you can see some other photos. All of them are in the left. In the right, there's a list of some important news which readers or users have chosen.

Here we can see the format and the structure of the page:

Appart from the written article, there are the mentioned photos, which can be seen in a bigger way. There's also an audio player, that explains you the news. There's no video, but there're adverts in video in the right part of the page. There are some hypertextual intern links, related to other news.

There are no features appart from the media mentioned. Nor infographics, maps or timelines.

User Oriented:
The user can surf the home menu in the top of the news. He or she also can surf by the links. There's also the option of searching news; general or clasified by topic.

Updating Of Contents:
The news is not so actual. Its date is January 2007, but I've chosen it because it has an audio player.

Web 2.0:
As Raquel has said, The New York Times has a facebook account, and it gives the option of subscribing, to leave comments and receibing news.

I'm going to compare with Raquel's choose. They are similar, but his option has the chance of choosing more than a news. One of that news is mine. Nor hers or mine has any video, but I think that with the pictures is enough.

I'm sorry for not giving much pictures, but I haven't got much time to do it.

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