miércoles, 28 de octubre de 2009

My sources

I´ve used a wide range of sources to write my posts. Firstly I´ve looked up a book of the libary called: “Atlas de Egipto: Dioses, templos y faraones”. This book talks about the culture, civilation, gods, temples and pharaohs.
Moreover I´ve surfed the net where I´ve found the main documents. The websites that I´ve visited more are:
Wikipedia: I know that it´s possible that the information isn´t truthful because everybody can cange it. However, I´m sure that the information that I´ve found wasn´t wrong because I´ve contrasted it.

Another website that help me a lot was “Nova science programming” . In there I found the interview with an Egyptologist. In my opinion it´s one of the best sources so it´s a scientific website and people who writes it are experts. As well you can watch videos and a gallery of images.

If I find more interesting sources, I will modify my post.

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