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Egyptian Multimedia

Podcasts about Egypt

Finding videoblogs and podcasts about egyptian culture is a really difficult work. This wonderful art is usually transmitted by pictures and texts, but I have searched through the Internet and I have found some interesting podcasts.

This one is about the the role of the scarab beetle in Ancient Egyptian religion.

This podcast talks about the role of the scarab beetle in Ancient Egyptian religion and funerary art as both the Egyptian god Khepri and an iconographic motif of resurrection.

Scarab beetle (or Kepher in hieroglyphic writing) is identified with Ra as a creator-god. The locutor tells the story about Ra or Re, his meaning in funerals (the example of the picture 2:03) where he appears with his mother.

Scarabs are used as amulets in necklaces too. They appear in the new and ancient Egypt painted in blue or green. They also were used to decorate temples and mommys.

If you want to know more about scarabs and his meaning listen to this podcast!

Changing the subject, I have found another podcast about the pyramids and the city of the Cairo. This adventurer who visited the city relate us his experience, here he goes!


This is the vblog of an institute of archaeology. Here you can find some sources to learn more about Egypt through the video support. A group of students make this vblog as a project to be enjoyed by archaeologists or people like you or me. They are not focused on the Egyptian culture, but on Egyptian excavations, the Egyptian desserts and all related with Egyptian territory. How can we speak about culture if we don´t know anything about the country we are talking about? Have a look to this page, it could be interesting:

Finally, although I haven´t been able to find a vblog about Egypt (this is a difficult topic to search videos!) I have looked for a web where it appeared videos about Egypt and I have found it:

You can cross the Nile river, visit the Philae Temple or even the Keops Pyramid. Don´t loss this opportunity to travel around Egypt without going out from home!

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