jueves, 22 de octubre de 2009

The 10 things I have learnt with this blog

Here I post the list with the ten reasons which confirm that I had not any idea about weblogs...enjoy them.

1. First of all, I learnt how the blogs work. I didn´t know anything about how to write blogs or customize them. Now, I think that I have got a few ideas and I am sure I would be able to do another blog by myself.

2. One aspect that is really important for me...I learned what a podcast is! When I wrote the post Egyptian Multimedia, I thought the blog was going to drive me mad. I didn´t know what a podcast was and I couldn´t find any material about that. But finally (and with a lot of hours of investigation) I discovered the meaning of podcast and I found a really good material.

3. I have understood what plagiarism means...I looked for information but I couldn´t copy it, and sometimes I was tempted but I realized that if I want to be a professional, I have to elaborate my work, don´t copy it from others.

4. I have learnt that Wikipedia has not got enough answers for all my questions.

5. Writing in this blog has opened my eyes. I mean, I have discovered another way of writing and being read by a lot of people around the world. Maybe I keep my fountain pen appart and I start to write in a blog instead of in my notebook.

6. Besides, this blog has just got a follower. That means people like that we write about. I have realized that being read by other people because they like your articles ir really gratifying.

7. I have learnt how upload a video from youtbe (perhaps this is a silly thing, but it took me a while to do it)

8. Of course, I have increased my knowledge about the "cybervocabulary". Blogroll, blogosphere, podcast, wiki...all of them were new, I had never listened them, but now their definition don´t mean any problem for me.

9. I have also discovered that, if you want to do good articles and be original, you must read other blogs, comments, web pages, etc. If you don´t do that, your work won´t be recognized by other bloggers.

10. And last but not least, I have learnt that the real editors, writers and publishers of multimedia contents aren´t university prestigious professors, experts or business men. They are people like you and me, whose only purpose is sharing their knowledge with all the world.

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