martes, 13 de octubre de 2009

Exercise 6

Structure: In the middle there´s a short introduction and the main video. On the left there are other videos related with our video and the last videos. And on the right there are other sections like: "World News" which has got another section called Egypt; "Science" with another section called Archaeology and the last one is Culture with another section called heritage.
And two more which are related with more videos and news.Formats:There are hypertexts in the other sections like: World News, Science Culture...
Moreover there is a video which lets you send the video to a friend, share it or copy it.

Features: This website hasn´t got any imelines, maps, infographics...

User oriented: You can surf using hypertexts, videos and using other sections of the website
Updating of contents:This article is not very actual. Its date is Wednesday 11 February 2009

Web 2.0: I´ve you got an account in digg or in buzz, you can comment something.

Comparison: I have found an article about the topic but it hasn´t got a lot of multimedia elements, only a video which talks about the mummies found in the south of Cairo. It has been a very important discovery. I´m going to compare with the Raquel´s news beacuse it has got other elements like a photo gallery that my website hasn´t got.

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