martes, 13 de octubre de 2009

36 hours in Cairo

Although this is not a piece of multimedia it contains a lot of multimedia elements, like hipertexts, images, maps, etc, so I have decided to analyze this article.

Structure: the article is divided in two sections:
  • Text: the article is subdivided in: title, paragraphs, conclusion. It is about how to spend a day in Cairo. The author explain what you can visit in this wonderful city, its typical dishes, restaurants, etc.
  • Multimedia: In a corner, you can find a multimedia section where there is a slide show, maps...
Formats: you can see some multimedia formats:
  • Text: the main format used by the author
  • Hypertext: they are used to link with other webs. Examples: Turkey, CAIRO
  • Images: there is a slide show in a corner of the page and a image for the title.

Features: the only feature the author use is a map of the city.

User oriented:
  • there is a travel guide about Egypt,
  • hypertexts to link with other webs,
  • a menu
  • a researcher to look for articles on this web
Updating of contents: the author cannot upload more contents, it hasn´t got the structure as a blog.

Web 2.0: you can find The New York Times on facebook, but there are no more social media for thar paper.
Comparative: It exists other pieces of media as photo gallerys or videos. If I compare mine with Beñat´s one, his piece contains much more multimedia elements as an audio file, videos as advertisments...however, it hasn´t got maps or menus to link with more sites related with that web. Both of them appear in facebook too, as Raquel has said.

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