viernes, 23 de octubre de 2009

Increasing knowledges

By writing this blog I have learnt many things, but not only with the blog, also with all the work that we have done in the classes. I didn´t know anything about delicious, bubblUs or Google Reader. I know it can sound ridiculous that a young person, born in the age of modern technologies knows so little about computers. The reason is that I just don´t like them , I find them difficult to use. Instead, I like books and I preffer looking for information in an enciclopedia than on the net.
But unespectedly I have found this classes and posting in this blog really interesting and not so difficult as I thought at the beggining. Here are the ten main things that I have learnt by writing this blog.

  1. I have learnt what a blog is. I had only visited a few blogs about different topics but I found them looking for other things. Now I have started visiting blogs knowing what I was looking at. Now I can also see all the work that is behind a good post, and how interesting is writing them. I realise that a person who writes a blog is interested on it, because it is difficult being constant on posting if you do not like what you are doing.
  2. I have learnt how to make a blogroll. At the begining I did not even know what it was , but now I do. I think it is great that people can see the blogs that you follow. If a person finds your blog interesting, he may also be interested on the blogs that you like and making a blogroll is an new way of making advertisements of people that make the same work as you do.
  3. As you could have seen, I have also learnt how to post images. It´s a good way of making your work more atractive to people, and it gives a better explanation about what you are talking about. It is also easier than clicking on the links to see the images.
  4. I am also starting to learn how to work on a group.I know that this can seem a bit stupid, but I do not like working with other people. I am quite perfectionist so I am used to control all the job that my mates do. In this blog I have read all the posts that my mates have witten but as I trust in them and I find their work reliable I have not checked their work as I used to do.
  5. I have also learnt a lot about the Egyptian culture. We chose that topic although we were not experts on it, even more, we didn´t know almost anything about it. Now I know much more things, specially about God Ra. The post that I published about it is the post written by me, which I like the most.
  6. I have also learnt how to make links on a word, which is interesting because you can visit other pages related to what you are talking about without looking for them. In that way the writer can guide the reader to the pages that he thinks are better.
  7. I have also learnt that someone can become a follower of your blog, in the same way that you can become follower of other people blogs. When you become a follower of a blog, you let the writer know that you like what he is writing, which is really special for a person who is studying journalist or advertising, just as we are doing. That´s why I feel really greateful whith the preson who has become follower of our blog.
  8. I have also learnt english by writing this blog. I am studyimg advertising whith an english programme called the IMP, so that´s why I have to write this blog in English instead of Spanish, which is my mother tongue. It´s harder for me to write it this way, but I have improved my English since I started. Now I feel more confident writing in English and I have learnt some specific words about the Egyptian Culture.
  9. Now I can make a post with this structure organized by points. This is useful because lets you separate ideas and make your posts more attractive for the viewer.
  10. At last I have learnt the meaning of writing a blog. I used to think that a blog was always autobiographic. Now I realise that the autobiographic blogs are just a part of the blogosphere and that there are many interesting sites apart from them. It´s a free way of publising available for anyone who has a computer and acces to Internet, and nowadays, it´s difficult to find something free to do...isn´t it? Let´s use our opportunity of becoming "editors" of our own "newspaper".

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