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Interview to an expert in the matter

These are some quotations from an interview made to Manuel Delgado. He's not an egyptologist, but an investigator of strange phenomenons.

· “Most of the investigations made about Egypt are just decorative. Egyptologists just study what kings did, or how the pyramids are made, but not why did they built them, what do they represent...”

· “When Alexander The Great died and gave his empire to his officials, Ptolomeo received Egypt, but most of the wise who were born there went to Greece to study. Then, most of the knowledge of Greeks is really Egyptian; for example, Pithagoras' theorem, which was found in Egypt, by a rope with 13 knots. The rope made the typical example of 3 and 4 units' cathetus and the 5 unit hypotenuse.”

· “There's a famous theory that says river Nile was artificially diverted to reflect the Milk Way of the sky, the home of the gods. By this artificially-made river, Sahara was desertified.”

· “The great majority of Egyptian gods went directly to the Greek pantheon. Thot became Hermes, and Imhotep as Asclepius, with the logotype of the snake and the cup.”

· “Egyptians knew where the gods came from and when their souls would go when they die.”

· “After they had reflected the stars in their land, they made the pyramids as a mirror of Isis and Osiris, Orion's belt. So there's a relation among what there was up and down.”

· “There's not any faithful proof that the pyramids were made during the fourth dynasty.”

· “In one of the three famous pyramids (Keops, Kefren and Mikerynos) it's been found technology more advanced than ours”

· “Egyptian treasures are not just gold and diamonds, but human knowledge. They called their own country Kemeth. Then, arabians called it Al-Kemeth, and from there we've got the alchemy, which know better, and then the Chemistry.”

· “There's no advance of a science without another one, so, ancient Egyptian's architecture and engineering should have advanced at the same time as their biology, medicine...”

Here you've got the complete interview in spanish, taken from Rafael Palacios' (the interviewer) official website:

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