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Where you can find information about Egypt

Perhaps you wonder where I find all the information I use. Here the solution to your question is.
Nowadays, Egyptian culture is a topic which a lot of people are interested in. Maybe this happens because of the misteries related with the discoveries of Tutankamon´s tomb, the magic language Egyptians used (the hieroglyphs) or the famous mythology represented in wonderful statues.
Anyway, the information I use you can find it by surfing the net, in books or in specialized magazines. Here my own sources go:

Books about Egypt

Big Universal History, Francisco José Presedo 2005. This is a collection of books from Prehistory to Contemporary age. I use the third volume to do my posts. Here, Egyptian History is related from the begginnig of the Predinastic Egypt, as well as other topics like emperors and their wives, pharaohs and Egyptian gods.


History National Geographic. April 2009. How did women come to the throne? This volumen tells about the life of the pharaoh Hatshepsut and other pharaohs.
I am also going to use other volumes to talk about gods like number 66 and 69.
Revista Egipto. I use this magazine not to look for good articles but for some of the Egyptian culture now and before. There are articles about modern and ancient archaeology too.


Finally, you can find good information in the net. These are my favourite web pages:

I hope this information help you to find more about Ancient Egypt!

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