viernes, 25 de septiembre de 2009

My sources

This are some of the sources that I use to prepare my posts about Egypt. I am only going to talk about four of them, but in every post I write I surf the net and look for information from much more places and contrast it. Anyway my main sources are three books that I took from my town´s library, which titles are "A orillas del Nilo" written by Edda Bresciani, "El antiguo Egipto", written by Barry J.Kemp and "Egipto: dioses, templos y faraones " whose authors are John Banes and Jaromir Malek. All these writers are egyptologists.

About my Internet sources I sometimes use wikipedia. I know it´s not a speciallised source but I only use that information when I am completely sure that what it´s witten in there is true.I use it because there is a lot of information which is normally true and written in a plain English.I also like it because I can get the same information in Spanish in case I don´t understand it in English and because it´s easy to use.
Another one of my sources is a webpage called Ancient Egypt. I like this page because it´s a good source for many different topcis about the egyptian civilitation. It´s really well organised and there are many images which help me understanding better all this amazing culture.In there I can find information about gods, art, egyptian life, mummification and so on. There is where I found some good information for the second post that I will publish about God Ra.

At last, a blog where I can find information about this is, is called egiptologia . I still haven´t used it but I have read some of the information on it and I like it because the writer is not writing about personal experiences, he´s objective and talks about the Ancient Egypt.I don´t like the other blogs that I have found about Egypt because most of them only speak about travelling nowadays to this country.
I have also used a forum where four different people discuss mainly about God Ra.I think they know what they are talking about and it looks like they are really interested on the topic.Most of the information given in the forum is true and I know it because I have compared it with many other texts. It´s name is egiptomaniacos

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