martes, 15 de septiembre de 2009

My introduction

My name is Nora Franco and I´m studying advertising and public relations at the University of Navarra. We´ve created this blog because we have to write about a topic for the subject of multimedia communication. For this reason we´ve choosen: "The egyptian culture". We have thought that the content of this blog should be interesting for all the members of the group and we agree. At the beggining my mates suggested other tematic approachs but finally we´ve decided that it iwill be the best for us. We hope that you comment our posts and enjoy them.

I always have been curious about the egyptians.I have watched a lot of documentaries and I´ve read a lot about Egypt. One of the most exciting aspects of the egyptian culture for me is: "The death and it meaning" and of course the world-famous pyramids! I´ll try to tell you all that I have researched related to this aspect.

With regard to my topic, I would like to recommend you a web that can help you to know a little more about this fantastic culture: Egypt Culture. Moreover it´s very useful if you want to travel to Egypt. Please! click here You won´t regret it!

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