martes, 15 de septiembre de 2009

Introducing myself

My name is Raquel Echeverria. I am a student of first course of advertising and public relations at the University of Navarra. My multimedia communication teacher told me I had to create a personal blog and then join a group in order to create a thematic blog.
I´ve already found three people who are going to colaborate with me at this weblog, and the topic we have chosen is egyptian culture.
The reason why we have chosen this temmatic approach is that we are very different to each other and we don´t like the same kind of music or sport. I thought about something which could be nice for everybody and my first idea was mithology. When I suggested the idea to the rest of the group they told me they liked egyptian culture, so we decided to create a blog about that topic. We are not going to publish anything about it yet, but we´ll do it soon and we hope you will like it.

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