martes, 15 de septiembre de 2009

First Post in the new team blog!

After more than an hour in front of the computer, we've been able to create a team blog, and it's time to post before we leave.

My name's Beñat, and despite I'm not so happy with the subject my mates have chosen (egyptian culture) I'll try to do my part well. I'm not saying I hate the subject, but I'd just prefer music. So, I'll try to relation Egiptians with music (as well as I can), to feel satisfied with myself, and to make my mates feel well with my work. Anyway, I hope that this work won't be so hard, and that it will be even fun, because otherwise, I'll have to say that I've chosen a wrong subject.

Seriously, I think we've taken a good decission. I'm looking forward to start posting weekly.

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