martes, 15 de septiembre de 2009

This is me, a new writer of the blog.

I am Ohiane Iriarte and I am going to colaborate on this blog. I am studying Media in the University of Navarra and this is a work for the Multimedia subject, but I am glad to write on this site.

After some minutes discussing with my mates we have decided that Egyptian Culture can be a good theme for our blog. We are really different, so choosing a topic enjoyed by all of us is a hard work. Finally we have thought that talking about an ancient culture could be interesting because we can write about different branches such as music, art, architecture...

I started to read books about the Egyptian culture since I was 14. My sister was obsessed with this art and I think she transmitted me her emotion. I love reading things about the Egyptian writing and overall the mythology, my favourite gods are Bastet (the divinity godness who had a woman body and a cat head) and Isis.

In my posts, I will try to talk about hieroglyphs, some of the ancient Egyptian art and about the gods and pharaohs as Tutankamon and Ramsés.
The photo represents a pharao´s tomb, my sister took it for me from the Vatican Museum

I hope you enjoy all my posts.

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