viernes, 25 de septiembre de 2009

Good Companies, Bad Sources

Despite I know that what I do is not so fair or right, I have to confess that I'm using just a source of information. And I also know that it's not so reliable, but my source is the Wikipedia

It's been called "The free encyclopedia"; anyone can publish anything in it, about any topic he or she wants. For some people this is enough to criticize it, because some specialist have lost their information power. I trust this freeclopedia, because I know that if you write something really mad, it's controlled so that will be removed. What most people do is to translate information from other languages and then just post it. That's also a good idea, because it makes information reachable to anyone, wherever he or she is from.

As I've said, this is my only source, but when I'll want to do something more relevant, or get more specific information, I'll go to google and just write what I want to know, then, I'll get the information from the results of the search.

I usually look for the information in spanish, and then translate it, because it would be so easy to copy and to stick it. It was a good method in the high school, but here, in university, teachers want us to write which are our sources, so it's not possible to try to cheat.

When my sources won't be enough, I'll ask my father to bring me some books, because he works as a book seller for an important company.

I hope that this sources will be enough, but anyway, I'll write after each post what have been the sources employed. And I also hope that the exit of the blog will depend on my mates, not much on me!

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