domingo, 1 de noviembre de 2009

All that I´ve learnt

1. I´ve learnt what a blog is and how I can use it. It has been amazing because I´ve realized that everybody has got one.

2.Nowadays, I know much more about the egyptian culture, a topic that always has hold appeal to me.

3.The importance of having one because it´s eassier to be found in the internet if you´ve got a blog.

4.I´ve learnt a lot of my classmates because they have publised really interesting posts.

5.Moreover, now I know how to put hypertexts, videos, podcasts, images, links with other websites.

6. I know that a blog is not enough to thank all that our civilation owes to the ancient Egypt.

8. Thanks to our blog, we can find other blogs that are related to our blog or are interesting for us.

9.Also I have noticed that it´s difficult to be constant. Because you need much time to write everything that you want. And I haven´t got enough time because of the exams, jobs...

10.I have to admit that I had got a wrong idea of the blog because I though that you only could talk about your life. However there are blogs of a wide variety of topics.

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